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Chromakey Issue 4.5 Chromakey Issue 4.5: The Tripods Special

Interview with Jim Baker
Adele Jameson talks with the actor who played Henry Parker

Interview with John Christopher (aka Sam Youd)
From his personal archives, Colin Brockhurst presents an exclusive interview with author John Christopher

When The Tripods Came
Will Hadcroft examines why The Tripods remains popular to this day

Dad Remembered
Rose Youd remembers her father Sam Youd (John Christopher)

Uncapped: The League of Freemen Recall Episode One
Fans discuss the impact the series premiere episode had on them

Tripods Photo Album
Photos from the collection of Jim Baker and Will Hadcroft

Episode Guide

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  • Published July 2020
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Book info: Trade Paperback, 48 pages, $6.75 CAD | $4.75 USA | £4.25 UK | $7.50 AUS

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