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Chromakey Issue 3 Chromakey Issue 3 Winter 2020 featuring:

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future
Good Omens
Quantum Leap: You Should Take The Leap
UFOs, Conspiracies and Dark Skies
Matthew Kresal Interview
Star Trek: Miri Reviewed
Sarah Rush (Battlestar Galactica) Interview
A Tribute to Terrance Dicks
Forgotten Classics: Nightingales
Threads: 35 Years On
Daybreak: An Unsustainable Concept
Doctor Who Series 11 Reviewed
Wojeck: The Canadian Crusader
Winter Came and Went, It Left Me Cold (Game of Thrones)
Blake’s 7 Finale: Was It All One Big Mistake?
Doomwatch: Project Sahara Reviewed
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  • Published January 2020
  • ISBN: n/a
  • Book info: 6x9" US Trade Paperback, 88 Pages, Price: $9.99 CAD

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