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Star One Compendium

Star One was a short-lived Canadian fan magazine dedicated to the BBC-TV sci-fi series "Blake's 7". Four issue were published between 2011-12, with an unreleased fifth issue planned for early 2013.

Compiled and edited by Bob Furnell, featuring artwork by Richard Farrell, this special omnibus edition brings together many of the articles from the original issues - updated and revised - brand new material specially written for this publication, plus material intended for the unpublished fifth issue.

The Star One Compendium features:

  • Interviews with Chris Boucher (Blake's 7 script writer & editor); David Richardson (Big Finish); and authors Scott Harrison, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
  • Original Fiction by fan authors Winnie Lacesso and Katherine Lopez
  • An all new original "Blake's 7" short-story by J.E. Remy (Temporal Logbook) specially written for the compendium
  • Results to the Star One Series Survey - the first time these results have been made public
  • Original artwork by Richard Farrell (Andersonic, Plaything of Sutekh)
  • Articles, reviews, opinion pieces and more!
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  • Published November 2017
  • ISBN: 978-0-9953195-2-3
  • Book info: Paperback, 258 pages, $19.99 CAD

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