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The Sapphire and Steel Omnibus

Consisting of only 34 episodes transmitted between July 1979 and August 1982, Sapphire & Steel was an ATV television series that has provocatively lingered in the memories of viewers since it was first broadcast.

The series has been invariably described as baffling, enigmatic, complex, bewildering, bizarre, strange and downright scary, including its position as perhaps the most unique and unusual telefantasy series produced and transmitted in the UK.

The series starred two of Britain's best-known televison actors, Joanna Lumley and David McCallum, whose appearances as the titular time detectives gave the show its status as a serious drama production.

This special publication celebrates the enduring popular series with interviews with select cast and crew, specially commissioned articles, reviews, analysis and more from numerous fans of the series.

Edited by Bob Furnell & Jez Strickley

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  • Published December 2015
  • ISBN: n/a
  • Book info: Paperback, 128 Pages. $15.95 CAD

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